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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Morning Sickness

January 15, 2019

Congratulations! You are pregnant and the journey before you is filled with ups and downs. You're feeling excited, overwhelmed with joy and of course anxiety about upcoming motherhood. However, there are other bumps along the road that may not make your 1st trimester the smoothest.

There is one side effect of pregnancy that may make you want to speed up the 1st trimester. Morning sickness is one of the most common complaints from expecting moms, and one of the most experienced. 

While one of the downsides of pregnancy for many, there are ways to cope with remedies at home.

Try and avoid smells you know that may be triggers for you. It may be helpful to keep a food diary to keep track of what smells & foods make you queasy. Keeping crackers by the bed, especially peanut butter crackers and eating a couple slowly before rising may ease nausea.

Take your time in the morning, rise slowly, and allow time for digestion.

Ginger and lemon are natural cure-alls. Sucking on ginger candy, drinking ginger tea, or lemonade can bring relief to nausea, especially if it persists throughout the day. It may also bring relief to diffuse the essential oil lemon around your home, as well as making your home smell fresh and clean.

Your prenatal vitamins may contain too much iron which can make you feel nauseous. Talk to your provider to be sure you're getting the recommended amount of iron, they may switch your vitamins. If taking them during the day is a pain while fighting morning sickness, try taking them at night instead. You may also want to ask your provider about vitamin B-6, it helps reduce nausea and vomiting.

Sometimes these remedies do not work and that is completely normal. Reach out to your care provider, he/she may be able to prescribe you prescription drugs to reduce nausea and vomiting.  

Why You Need A Doula On Your Team & So Does Your Partner

February 23, 2019

More and more women are enlisting the help of a doula - and you should. Research is showing that birth support not only decreases the chance of a Cesarean but is leaving moms feeling empowered and positive about their birth.

A doula helps to support a woman during birth and make your baby's arrival a beautiful and memorable experience.

A reoccurring concern is that a doula will take the place of your partner. Most soon-to-be dads consider themselves the main labor coach and think hiring a doula will steal the spotlight away from them. But in our experience, fathers just want their partners to be taken care of.

We LOVE that.

But doulas ARE for dads. We offer partners invaluable emotional and practical support. Demonstrating comfort measures and massage techniques to help dad bring relief to mom when she's laboring at home, working as a teammate with your partner at the hospital, and being there for his love while he needs a minute to breathe.

Childbirth is very overwhelming and doulas are your calm in the storm.

By a doula supporting your partner, they gain the confidence to support you. Couples walk away from their births feeling more connected, their bond stronger and sacred.

Here are four reasons you want to have us on your team:

24/7 Support

Providing continuous support, from when you're going into labor until a couple hours after delivery, you are NEVER alone. Unlike doctors, nurses, and midwives, who change shifts and juggle 3-5 other patients, we stay with you whether your labor is 2 hours or 40.

We Back You Up

We have your back when it comes to your choices and birth plan, whether that means an epidural or a scheduled Cesarean. We provide unbiased, judgment-free support and are game for whatever you dream for your birth. Working as a team with Nurses and OBS, we make sure you are provided with informed consent. However, doulas do not speak on your behalf. They will guide you right back toward your birth plan when things get off track from your birth goals.

Extra Hands

There are so many reasons why doulas are beneficial for you to have during labor and delivery. Since we provide 24/7 care that means your partner can rest, relax, and take a moment if needed We help refill your ice water, take those first photos of you bonding as a family, and dealing with any family that may be at the hospital. Basically, our goal as doulas is to make sure your partner is free to focus and put his energy into you.

Education & Knowledge

Most dads are experiencing birth for the first or second time, but a doula has wisdom and experience they can draw from. Even if this your partner's fourth birth, do not underestimate the power of birth support! We will remind a concerned partner and mom that moaning is normal ( as well as encouraged), and pushing can take a few hours. When it comes to talking through quick choices that need to be made during labor, we are here for you. By using position changes, massage, and relaxation techniques, doulas offer several ways to provide comfort during the discomfort of labor. 

Working as a team with your partner providing you with love and supportOur goal is to take away any intensity or fear so you can focus on the beautiful experience of birth.

Schedule a free consultation today so we can discuss what Birth Support looks like for you. 

To The Moms - This Holiday Season, Great Job!

December 21, 2019

To the mom that has 2 presents under the tree- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that has 30 presents under the tree- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that has no presents under the tree- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that has no tree- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that had to ask for donations this year- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that stood in line at the Salvation Army- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that has everything wrapped- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that hasn’t shopped yet- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that cant do anything this year- you’re a great mom.

To the grieving mother that is ready for the season to pass- you’re a great mom.

To the newly single mom that cries at the thought of Christmas morning- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that doesn’t celebrate Christmas- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that doesn’t tell her kids Santa is real- you’re a great mom.

To the mom that forgets to move the elf every night- you’re a great mom.

To the mom barely holding it together- you’re a great mom.

This season does not define how great of a parent you are.

Remember that.